Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Stuff

There are two bits of news...One is that we will hopefully have our first home study meeting in two weeks. Yay!
The other is that, though we had been told we would have to pay for another physical for our youngest and would have to take our oldest in for another physical, the doctor's office called today and told us that if we just dropped off the forms, they would fill them out for us. We don't have to take the kids in again or pay for another physical. Praise the Lord! We plan to drop off the paperwork first thing tomorrow. :-)

For those of you who aren't on facebook, here's a taste of our home life:

We really like the album, "Awesome God" from Sovereign Grace. It is my favorite children's music cd. (And that is saying something, because I am not a huge fan of most kid's music!) Anyways, D-our oldest- just told me, "Mommy, I like this music. It tells us what God says in the Bible!" :-)

Last night I had the following conversation with our youngest, "I". She was coloring a boy dinosaur picture for me.
I: "He's beautiful, Mom?"
Me: "Yep, he's handsome."
I: "What?"
Me: "He's handsome."
I: "No, he not have pants on. He a dinosaur."
Me: "No, he's HANDSOME."
I: "I don't know how. You draw pants on, please?"
After a few rounds of this, I just let her draw some pants on him. LOL

About a week ago, I was talking to "I" about us adopting from Africa. She wanted to know why we couldn't just go get our babies right now. I tried to explain that it cost a lot of money and we had to get that money together  before we could go get them. I didn't know how much of this conversation she really understood. (She's three years old. )
A few days later, she came walking out of her bedroom with her little change purse and told me, "Here, Mama. You have all my money so we can get our babies from Africa faster and faster." I cried, and helped her empty her purse into our change can. "D" decided she wanted to do the same and also emptied her change purse into the change can. "D" later wanted to go to the store and spend her money on a snack. "I" reminded her, "We gave Mommy all, all our money for our babies. But it's okay. Mommy and Daddy will buy us a snack." :-) I love the way they think.

Also, if we get boys, "D" and "I" would like to name them Rocky and Bullwinkle. Oh boy.

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  1. LOL... Rocky and Bullwinkle. I love those girls :)