Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So we have finally restarted this whole adoption thing. Again. Paperwork and checks are winging their way across the country right now. It feels a bit overwhelming at the moment. So much to do- paperwork to file, money to save/raise, house to prep, kids to prep -though, they are convinced we should have gotten our kids like, yesterday, so I think they'll be alright. It does feel like it will never actually happen, but hopefully there will be no major reason to stop the process this time. *sigh*
 The kids wanted to choose names for our new kid/kiddos this morning. So far, they like Judy (why?), Zechariah, Zaccheaus and Frank. Ha. Guess who will NOT be naming our new kids? Hope is hoping for a "twin"- a girl close to her age. Grace wants a baby boy. I keep telling them we will just have to wait and see, but part of me agrees with them. :-) A baby boy, another little girl...I could get used to the idea.
Anyways, we'll be working on new fund raising projects in the near future. Check back and see what God blesses us with.


  1. Hi. My husband and I also live in Minnesota. We are beginning the process of looking to adopt 2 children from the Congo. Is there an agency you recommend or don't recommend? Any info would be helpful as we start this process.


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