Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Happenings

We put our house on the market last Saturday. Click Here to see our listing. Our kiddos have been pretty good about cleaning up their room and keeping their stuff put away when they are not using it. They are as excited as we are about the possibility of getting a new house. Please be praying that our house will sell quickly. :)
We also had the last of two home study visits today. It was relatively painless. The case worker just needed to talk through some adoption info with us and do a quick walk through of our house. It really wasn't stressful. Maybe it was because we are so used to different case workers being in our home, but I really wasn't stressing over it at all before hand. Praise the Lord!
 In the middle of the home study visit, Desiree, who had been sent to her room to color quietly, came running out of her room with a picture she had drawn. She interrupted the caseworker to say loudly (and rather proudly, I might add), "This is a picture of a baby from Africa." Smiles and "awwws" followed. Then, "And these are it's Mommy and Daddy who died." Awkward silence. Then she shrugged and went back to color some more. Oh my, the things kids say! 


  1. I see from your post that you are in KY. We are also and adopting from DRC. I'd love to be in contact. My email is I didn't see an email listed for you.

  2. I will pray your house sells quickly.

  3. I would love to chat with you...we are using OWAS also and in Louisville.

  4. Praying for you guys this morning...and very excited you've gotten through the paperwork and home study! love, Bethany