Monday, May 9, 2011

And Things Are Moving Right Along

We received notice this morning that our home study has been approved by our agency and the final copies are already in the mail! Praise the Lord! We had just prayed about this in church yesterday. It's so awesome that it was already being taken care of. We sent in our paperwork for USCIS, so now we wait for an appointment to have our fingerprints done.
We have also recently learned that policy has changed in the DRC and now at least one of us is required to travel to the DRC to pick up our kids. We are asking for prayers in deciding how to go about this. I would love to have both Steve and I go to the DRC together, however, we have to think about what would be best for our current children as well. D and I have not been apart from us for more than just a couple days since they came to live with us almost 2 1/2 years ago. We do not in any way want to make them think that they are losing their new family. If both Steve and I go, we need a lot of wisdom in knowing how to prep the kids for the separation.
On the other hand, if only one of us goes, we will need to find someone to go along to the DRC and help, since we are hoping to get 2 children. Steve and I have never been apart for that long either and are not looking forward to the possibility of half a month away from each other. Either way, we are going to need a lot of prayer!
This afternoon just proved my weakness and my inability to mother my children well on my own. I totally lost my temper and yelled at D when she let the dogs get past her and out of the yard. Our dogs of course, are rather large and there really wasn't much she could do to stop them, but I yelled at her anyways. :( I hate sin and how easily I fall into it! I apologized to D for losing my temper with her and blaming her for something that was not at all her fault, but the damage was already done. Such unkind words and tone to come out of my mouth. *sigh* So thankful that His blood covers ALL my sin! And thankful for a daughter who is quick to forgive.


  1. i am very excited and i am praying for you guys.

  2. excited for you guys Heather! Praying God will swiftfully bring these little ones to you soon and provide for all you need.

  3. Maybe y'all could coincide your trip with another DRC-adopting family so you'd get help? I'd volunteer, because I do speak French fluently, but I don't know if that would help or make things more awkward. How about you & I go, Heather, and leave Steve to play single-Daddy? :) Seriously, I'd be more than happy to come and translate/baby- wear.

  4. Or the girls can stay with us and every single day we will talk about how you are coming back, and open an Adoption Advent calendar door... I'm sure they could get on board in waiting for Mom & Dad to bring back their babies "faster and faster"!

  5. Christina, I like both those ideas! Either way, I should hang out with you more the next 6 months or so and hope some of your French speaking abilities wear off on me. Ha!